Natalia Nikolaevna


Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 30´
Nacionality: Spain
Year: 2014
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Directed and Written by: Adrián Silvestre, Luis Alejandro Yero
Produced by: Adrián Silvestre
Production Assistant: Isora Morales
Cinematography: Laurentia Genske, Adrián Silvestre
Sound: Juan M.Ugarte, Luis Alejandro Yero
Editing: Adrián Silvestre
Music: Wild & the Fox
Design: Patricia Raventós.
Distribution: Feelmakers

Nominated for Best Documentary.

Synopsis: Natalia Nikolaevna lives 400 km away from Havana, in a city where the first Cuban nuclear plant would be built. She came 20 years ago from the Soviet Union, for reencountering with her husband and for working as a lyric singer. In 1992, it started a national crisis, known as Special Period. Natalia got divorced and took root in a place that gradually reveal itself as the most hostile space. Single mother and without job opportunities, she invented to herself her own stage –a park-, her own spectators –tourists- and her own maintenance: what people give to her in pay for her arias.

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