Like the Earth, our interior is formed by different strata, which forge our identity and tell our life story. What circumstances intervene in this process and make us become who we are today?

Six trans women travel to a small town in León where they will explore unusual landscapes, as well as the ins and outs of their own personalities. Looking for answers about what connects them as a group, they will learn to deal with their differences. 

Sediments is an engaging and fun story about empathy, individuality and the need to belong.

It is the present radiography of a collective, which looks into the past and projects itself into the future, celebrating the extraordinary possibility of being unique and unrepeatable.


Status: Completed (Premiere 2021)
Type: Documentary – Feature Film
Audience: +16
Runtime: 89 ‘
Original version: Spanish
Subtitled versions: English, German, French, Italian
Format: Colour, 2:35:1, Dolby Digital

Main Cast: Magdalena Brasas, Alicia de Benito, Cristina Millán, Tina Recio, Saya Solana, Yolanda Terol 
Producers: Adrián Silvestre, Javier Pérez Santana
Director: Adrián Silvestre
Screenplay: Adrián Silvestre
Director of Photography: Laura Herrero Garvín
Film Editing: Adrián Silvestre
Line Producer: Patricia Sánchez Mora

International Sales: The Film Collaborative
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