The Objects of Love


The Objects of Love

Genre: Fiction
Running Time: 115′
Nacionality: Spain
Year: 2016
Language: Spanish, Italian
Subtitules: English, French, Portuguese

Cast: Laura Rojas Godoy, Nicole Costa, Aurora Silva, Margot Medina, Diana Agámez, Maddalena Recino, Miguel Ángel Tarditti, Evelina Nazzari, Andrea Iacovacci

Directed and Written by: Adrián Silvestre
Produced by: Adrián Silvestre
International Sales: The Open Reel
Production Management: Annalisa Carloni, Simone Isola / Kimerafilm
Cinematography: Luca Lardieri
Camera Operator: Luca Argentesi
Edition: Mikel Iribarren Morrás
Music: Gary Geld & The Dead Monegros
Sound: Andrea Guzzo, Sergio González
Design: Ricardo Silvestre
Press: Henar Ortega

Synopsis: Luz leaves for Italy in search of a better future, leaving her two year-old son in the care of her family back in Colombia. Her European dream, however, starts to wither away as she becomes the victim of a series of misfortunes. Luz takes on her new social status and starts from scratch working as a cleaner. She unexpectedly meets Fran, a person so extraordinary that makes her overcome all her preconceptions. Together, they decide to be the owners of their lives: the entire world is before them and Rome at their feet.

The premiere took place at the Sevilla European Film Festival (2016), winning the FIPRESCI Award “for the sensitive realistic representation of issues of immigration, gender, identity and contemporary conditions in Europe”.

The film has also won the Rizoma de Cine Prize (Madrid), the award for Best Feature Film and best actress at the Queer Lisboa, Best Direction and Best Actress at Zinegoak (Bilbao International Film Festival), Best Actress at Lesgaicinemad (Madrid International Film Festival) and the Audience Award at Sicilia Queer.

Los Objetos Amorosos

“The Objects of Love is directed with great confidence and assuredness by first time feature director, Adrian Silvestre. The developing story of a woman alone in the city and the key scenes of attraction, lovemaking, bickering, jealousy and deep comradery between the two women are all movingly and convincingly enacted, and the two lead actresses – excellent casting decisions both -share an obvious chemistry. It is refreshing to see a film carried by two strong female leads”.

James B. Evans, FIPRESCI


Festival De Cine Europeo de Sevilla. Sección Oficial Resistencias. 2016.

Queer Lisboa (Festival Internacional de Cinema Queer). Official Competition. 2017.
Mejor Película.
Mejor Actriz (Ex aequo: Laura Rojas Godoy / Nicole Costa).

Rizoma Festival (Madrid). 2017.
Premio Rizoma De Cine.

Zinegoak (Festival Internacional De Cine LGBT De Bilbao). Sección Oficial. 2017.
Mejor Dirección.
Mejor Actriz (Laura Rojas Godoy).

Sicilia Queer International New Visions Filmfest. Official Competition. 2017.
Premio del Público.

Lesgaicinemad (Festival Internacional De Cine LGBT De Madrid). Sección Oficial.  2016.
Mejor Actriz (Laura Rojas Godoy).

D´A (Festival Internacional De Cinema D ́Autor De Barcelona). Sección un impulso colectivo. 2017.

Atlántida Filmfest. Sección Oficial / Muros y fronteras. 2017.

Novos Cinemas (Festival Internacional De Cine De Pontevedra). Sección Oficial.    2017.

–  Hamburg International Queer Film Festival. Official Competition. 2017.

–  Mix Brasil Cultura da Diversidad. International Panorama. 2017.

–  Pink Screens (Brussels Queer Film Festival). 2017.

–  Outfest Peru. Sección Oficial. 2017.

–  SACO (Semana del Audiovisual Contemporáneo de Oviedo). Sección Oficial. 2017.

–  Muces (Muestra de Cine Europeo Ciudad De Segovia). 2017.

–  FICC (Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena). Sección Cineístas. 2017.

–  Santo Domingo Outfest (Festival Internacional De Cine LGBT). 2017.

–  Festival Internacional de Cine de Fuengirola. Sección Oficial. 2017.

–  Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos de Madrid. Sección Oficial. 2017.

–  Ibértigo (Muestra de Cine Iberoamericano de Las Palmas). 2017.

–  La Ploma (Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT De Valencia). 2017.

–  Queerzine (Muestra de Cine LGBT Espai D´Art Contemporani De Castelló). 2017.

–  Fancinegay (Festival de Cine LGBT de Extremadura). 2017.

–  Cinemapride (Cine LGBT Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid). 2017.

–   Zinentiendo (Muestra Internacional de cine LGBT de Aragón). 2017.

–   Talent ECAM. Academia de las Ciencias y las Artes cinematográficas. 2017.

–   Cinhomo (Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT de Valladolid). 2017.

–  Llámale H (Festival Internacional De Cine LGBT del Uruguay). 2017.

–  MovilH (Festival Internacional de Cine LGBTII de Santiago De Chile). 2017.

–  La Otra Banqueta (Festival de Cine por la Diversidad. Guatemala). 2017.

–  El Lugar Sin Límites (Festival de Cine LGBT De Ecuador).2017.

–  Festival de Cine Lesbigaytrans de Paraguay. Sección Oficial. 2017.

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